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6 benefits of cycling and MTB for your health

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Cycling is one of the most comprehensive sports with positive effects on your health and environment since riding a bike serves both as a means of exercising and transportation.

Among all the benefits that this sport brings us, we highlight:

Eliminate fat and lose weight

Cycling is an excellent option to maintain or reduce weight, as it increases metabolic rate, builds muscles and burns excess body fat.
There is also the advantage that less exercised people can practice it from the beginning without having to lose a few kilos first. That’s because 70% of the body’s weight falls on the chair, thus allowing people who do not practise sport too often to move otherwise to exercise and improve their physical fitness stimulating fat metabolism.

Decreases the likelihood of cancer and diabetes

Research shows that cycling regularly reduces the risk of colon, prostate, pancreatic and breast cancer. In addition, the probability of being type 2 diabetic decreases by 40% with the daily practice of riding a bicycle for about 30 minutes.

Our lung capacity is significantly increased

Riding a bicycle will help us achieve more effective breathing, with an increase in oxygenation in the blood that our body will appreciate.

Supports appearance, mood and reduces anxiety and stress

Especially if it is practised in quiet places, away from traffic and bustle. Also, concentrating on driving prevents us from focusing on our concerns.

Strengthens the cardiovascular system

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By cycling frequently, we will automatically reduce the risk of coronary heart disease and even the chances of heart attack by up to 50%.

Benefits for the back and shoulders

When the neutral weight balance between your saddle and hands is achieved, with the torso slightly bent forward, the back muscles are under tension and are forced to stabilize the trunk.
Many back pain comes from inactivity, which reduces the nutrition of the intervertebral discs, and in this way, they lose their ability to cushion the impacts.
The lack of exercise also causes the muscles of the back to atrophy, which scandalously decreases its function of “spring”. Regular leg movements strengthen the lower back and prevent herniated discs by protecting the spine from vibrations and shocks.
Other benefits of cycling are stimulating the muscles of the dorsal vertebrae by causing them to compress and extend with pedalling constantly.
Cycling offers many benefits both personally and collectively. It promotes the practice of exercise, taking care of your health, family life and caring for the environment. Even in some countries, the use of cars has decreased considerably by preferring the use of bicycles.

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