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Aquaturism in the Central Pyrenees

From April to July  

From September to October

8 days/7 nights

Min 4 – Max 8

Like a king looking after his territories, stands proud the massive medieval walls of the 11th century Castle of Loarre, only overcome in its magnificence by the red-coloured extraordinary rocky giants that guard this land of abundant crystal-clear watery rivers. The kingdom of “Los Mallos”.

Welcome to seven days of multi-sport experience that will not only lead you to a different era but, most importantly, get you immersed in the nature of one of the most important destinations for Rafting and MTB practice in the Pyrenees, Murillo the Gallego. Enjoy the comforts of staying in a wholly renovated alley where you will also discover the fantastic flavours of traditional dishes and the charm of its local people.

No previous experience of the practised sports is required for this holiday; still, those who already hold it will not be bored. However, a good fitness level, skills, and physique are strongly recommended to enjoy this trip fully. Please be aware that the fusibility of the water activities relies strongly on weather conditions. If any river activities cannot be arranged, an alternative guided route of a Via Ferrata will be provided.

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Nestled in the heart of Aragon in northeastern Spain, the area encompassing the Mallos de Riglos and Loarre is a paradise for nature enthusiasts and adventure seekers. Dominated by dramatic rock formations, the Mallos de Riglos are towering cliffs that rise up to 300 meters, providing a striking backdrop for rock climbing and hiking. These unique geological formations offer numerous trails that wind through picturesque landscapes, ideal for those looking to immerse themselves in the natural beauty of the region.

Just a short drive away lies the majestic Castle of Loarre, one of the best-preserved Romanesque fortresses in Europe. The surrounding countryside offers endless opportunities for outdoor activities. Mountain biking (MTB) enthusiasts will find challenging terrains and scenic routes that cater to all skill levels. For those who prefer water-based adventures, the nearby Gállego River is perfect for rafting and kayaking, offering exhilarating rapids and stunning views of the surrounding cliffs and valleys.

The combination of rugged landscapes, historical sites, and a plethora of outdoor activities make the Mallos de Riglos and Loarre area a must-visit destination. Whether you’re scaling the imposing cliffs, exploring ancient fortresses, or navigating thrilling river rapids, this region promises an unforgettable adventure amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

The tour price includes the transfer from the accommodation in Zaragoza to Murillo and back, as well as during all the excursions described in the itinerary when needed. Besides the excellent connections at Zaragoza´s airport, the city is well-connected to other international airports, such as Barcelona and Madrid.

Arrive in Zaragoza and settle into your accommodation. Take the opportunity to explore the enchanting city at your leisure. Stroll through the historic streets of the Old Town, where charming buildings line narrow cobblestone streets. Visit iconic landmarks such as the Basilica of Our Lady of the Pillar for breathtaking views of the city and the Ebro River. Dive into Zaragoza’s rich culture by sampling local cuisine at one of the many tapas bars or restaurants.

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After a short 1h 15 ´private transfer from the accommodation in Zaragoza and before rushing into the brave waters of Gallego river, our first day will be all about getting ready to enjoy the river entirely safely while having fun in professional hands. The Initiation kayak course that we carry out aims to work on the independence of the canoeist and establish the basic techniques of canoeing in white waters. Today, we will learn to navigate autonomously and safely in friendly waters.

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  • 5-6h Kayaking curse,
  • Practical and Amusing Approach,
  • Reduced Monitor-Participant Ratio,
  • Gallego River.

This history-rich route in the Kingdom of Los Mallos starts with a guided tour of Loarre’s Castle, Europe’s best-preserved Romanesque castle. We then enjoy a scenic ride through pine and gal groves to Marcuello Castle and the “Mirador de Los Buitres,” perfect for wildlife observation. After resting at Clérigos fountain, we descend through Santo Román path to Riglos. The journey ends with a refreshing dip in the Gállego River, just 1 km from our accommodation in Murillo.

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  • 6-7h MTB Route
  • Loarre´s Castle,
  • Marcuello Castle,
  • “Los Mallos” Rocky Formations,
  • Vulture Nests
  • Clerics Fountain
  • Centenary Olive Trees


Today, we’ll attempt to conquer the wild waters of the Gallego river with AIR-KAYAK and HYDROSPEED. AIR-KAYAK combines active descents with technical learning in an inflatable, two-person boat, focusing on handling, reading currents, and descent lines. HYDROSPEED offers an adrenaline rush with a high-flotation riverboard and special short fins to navigate rapids. Both sports promise thrilling and exciting experiences in Murillo de Gallego.

Hidrospeed - Spain Natural Travel


  • 5-6h Activty
  • Air Kayaking course
  • Hydrospeed Riverboard
  • Gallego Rapids
  • Adrenaline rushing

We’re embarking on another adventure across a stunning landscape, tracing a linear route through a picturesque river valley by “La Peña” reservoir. After a short transfer, the energetic will tackle an initial ascent followed by a rewarding descent through pine forests. The journey winds alongside the river, promising occasional splashes as we cross it multiple times. Along the way, we’ll discover hidden natural pools for refreshing dips and relaxation—a perfect respite on a hot day. Rejuvenated, we’ll return to Murillo, taking in scenic views of La Peña Iron bridge, the Dam, and the Gallego rapids we’ll soon conquer anew.

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For our final day, we’ve saved one of the most stunning rafting expeditions in the Pyrenees: the Gallego River Canyon beyond the Pantano de la Peña dam. Extending the classic “Rafting Murillo de Gallego” route by 3km, this morning promises an exhilarating 11km descent through challenging waves and brave waters. The canyon’s terrain offers thrilling unevenness, perfect for adventurers seeking excitement. We start with the thrilling “IV” stage, navigating between canyon walls as waves test our rafting skills. More rapids follow, including the standout “El Funudo,” known for its altitude difference and strength. We conclude with a delicious traditional lunch, a perfect moment to reflect and recharge before our departure to Zaragoza the next day.

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  • 3h Rafting activity
  • La Peña Reservoir
  • Gallego Rapids
  • Home-Cooked Traditional Lunch.

Transfer back to Zaragoza with a chance to explore the city’s landmarks along the way. Begin your adventure with a visit to the Aljafería Palace, an exquisite example of Islamic architecture. Stroll through the historic streets of the old town, discovering the Roman Theatre and the vibrant Central Market, teeming with local produce and delicacies. Return to Zaragoza in the evening, celebrating the conclusion of your cultural and historical exploration of the city.

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After a relaxed breakfast, make the journey back home or to your next destination. Please let us know if you need help arranging the commute to any other city, either you are on your way back home or heading to your next adventure.

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  • Protected area included in EU’s Natura 2000 network.
  • Fortified island from the 18th century due to pirate attacks.
  • 1st marine reserve in Spain with marine sea grass Posidonia oceanica.
  • Possibility of spot Bottlenose dolphins (along the year) and Fin whales (migratory passage).
  • Salt flats with presence of Flamingos (Phoenicopterus roseus) and protected Slender billed gull (Chroicocephalus genei).

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Conveniently located near Portillo train station in Zaragoza, this hotel offers easy access to the city centre and complimentary WiFi throughout. Each room features air conditioning, a TV, and an en suite bathroom with a hairdryer. The hotel is close to the bullring and the Aljafería Palace. Pilar Square and the historic city centre are a 20-minute walk or a 10-minute bus ride away, with a bus stop just 100 metres from the hotel. Additionally, it is ideally situated for travel to Zaragoza Airport, only 10 km away. On-site private parking is available for an additional fee, with direct access from the hotel. Delicias Train and Bus Station is a 15-minute walk away..

Our holiday retreat is a 14th-century abbey, once a sacred space for contemplation, now a perfect sanctuary to disconnect. Its monastic history offers peace, complemented by ornate ensuite rooms and delicious meals served by host Jesus in the refectory. This rural house in Murillo de Gallego features six double rooms and a suite, all with private bathrooms, alongside a serene cloister garden for relaxation amid stunning Pyrenean foothill views.

A more detailed description of the selected accommodations for this trip can be found in our complete brochure. Please don’t hesitate to download it and request us any further info you might need.

A 30€ contribution will be destined to help initiatives such as The Foundation for the Conservation of the Bearded Vulture (FCQ). Your donation will directly support the foundation’s diverse projects, from critical research and environmental education to impactful rural development and ecotourism efforts. By contributing, you are aiding in the fight against climate change, supporting sustainable economic models in rural areas, and ensuring the ongoing conservation of the bearded vulture and its mountainous habitat. Your generosity will help the FCQ continue its vital work and achieve its ambitious goals

1400€ / person

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