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Guara National Park and Canyons Multi-Sport Discovery

April to June

September to October

7 days

4-8 people

Being part of the Protected Natural Reserve, Guara Canyons are famous for their grand display of majestic water-sculpted landscapes and represent a world-class reference location on adventure sports such as rock climbing and aquatic canyoning. As a result of eroding, time have been carving for centuries the heart of these mountains, sculpting a whole system of impressive gorges and natural pools, filling them with seasonal streams of crystal clear turquoise waters.

Always accompanied by professional and certified guides, visitors will experience a pulse-racing action-packed adventure that will undoubtedly turn into a unique memory. Exploring Guara Canyons implies a great variety of activities, from white waters canyoning, where swimming, climbing, plunging into the water, abseiling and sliding down the stream; to rock climbing in one of the most famous locations in Spain at Rodellar walls and boulders, BTT routes, Via Ferrata and nocturnal treks under starry nights skies.

No previous experience of the practised sports is required for this holiday; still, those who already hold it will not be bored. However, a good fitness level, skills, and physique are strongly recommended to enjoy this trip fully.

Day 1. Arrival at Guaranatura House, Bierge

Reception at Guaranatura house. Rest and group meeting before in-house dinner.

Landscape views from the accommodation

Day 2. Introduction To Water Canyoning At Peonera Gorges.

Activity: 5-6h

Highlights: Peonera Gorges, Fornazos Narrows, Tamara natural pools, El Puntillo Narrows, Bierge’s Dam.


Our introductory day of canyoning begins right after a short drive, followed by a 45′ approximation walk that will bring us to the start of one of the most beautiful and fun gorges in Sierra de Guara Natural Park, the Peonera Gorges. Throughout our 4-hour descent, mainly swimming throughout these dynamic and abundant crystalline waters, deep pools, water slides, impressive galleries, and waterfalls will be waiting for us to be encountered without the need of abseiling during any part of the journey.

As we follow through the magnificent Fornazos canyons, a lunch break will be made by the beauty of the natural pools of Tamara to recover some energy before heading to the last section of the excursion, “El Puntillo” gorges. Finally, only the bravest might choose to dare up to 10m jumps that will lead the group to the end of the journey; one of the most iconic and pictured places of Sierra the Guara’s canyons park, “El Salto de Bierge”.

Day 3 BTT route – “La Peonera” Tour.

Activity: 4-5h Distance: 22.5m (34.6km) Ascent: 2800ft (850m) Difficulty: Intermediate-Advanced.

Surface type:  Dirtroad: 65% Asphalt: 31% Singletrack: 4%

Highlights: Balced Mountains and Canyons, Panoramic Views of Guara and Peonera Canyon, Olive and Almond Tree Fields.


Today’s itinerary seeks to offer a different perspective of the Peonera ravine in the Alcanadre River, one of the legendary canyons of the Sierra de Guara Natural Park. Departing from Bierge and going around the canyon represents a demanding but rewarding circular route, with excellent panoramic views of Sierra de Guara, Sierra de Balcés and the Peonera and Balced canyons.

The bulk of it goes through dirt roads in good condition. However, between Pedruel and Morrano, we’ll find very steep slopes, upwards and downwards, where good technical skills are required. A short but intense singletrack section arriving at Las Almunias is another incentive to this already comprehensive route, recommended to experienced cyclists.

Day 4. Canyoning II: Formiga´s canyons.

Activity: 4-5h

Highlights: Tozal de Guara, Formiga Gorges, Abseiling, Waterslides, Landscape, Wildlife


The second part of our approach into canyoning is another classic route of the Sierra and Canyons of Guara. Located at the base of “Tozal de Guara”, the gorges of Formiga will take us into rappels, jumps, slides and siphons; different obstacles that will challenge us to discover this hidden gem of nature fully.

Crystalline waters will be accompanying us during the whole journey. Still, before it begins, we will walk through the woods, observing the entire canyon that we are about to be all over. The adventure starts with the first rappel and handrail after arriving at the Cueva de las Polvorosas, a natural cave traditionally used by shepherds looking for shelter. Not only the narrow corridors and natural pools, but also a good number of endemic plants and birds, are some of the natural interests that we will have the chance to enjoy during this fantastic adventure.

Day 5. Nocturnal Trekking And Navigation + Stargazing

Activity: 3-4h

Highlights: Night trek, Astronomy, Orientation, Survival Skills, Map and Compass Navigation


Today is an excellent opportunity to renew energies and explore the streets of Bierge during the day, as our adventure won’t be starting this time until dusk. We will hike with the sunset and return under the light of the headlamps, likely accompanied by the moon illuminating the way for us.

Taking advantage of some of the best light absence conditions, we will stare at the universe by using the special equipment our tour leaders bring with them. The main stopover will be made to perform a night sky observation, and learning how to utilise the constellations as a means of orientation will be the central thread to follow.

During the journey, our tour leaders will share with you the core skills needed when disaster strikes and you find yourself stranded outdoors overnight. Proper packing, first aid procedures, finding shelter, or navigation by map and compass will be widely covered.

Day 6. Rock Climbing at Rodellar Walls

Activity: 5-6h

Highlights: La Cuca Bellostas, La Ciudadela, El Puntarron, San Martin del Alcanadre, la Virgen, Peña Calma, Las Ventanas del Mascún


Just a 20-minute drive away from Bierge, the surroundings of Rodellar are genuinely a sport climbing paradise, without a glimpse of doubt, among the best spots in Spain with more than 300 itineraries. “La Cuca Bellostas”, “La Ciudadela”, “El Puntarrón”, the impressive walls of “San Martín del Alcandre”, “La Virgen”, or “Peña Calma” in Balced, the escarpments near Rodellar or the windows of Mascún have already become must-visit landmarks for climbers around the world.

Although high technique sport climbing predominates, since most of the routes are equipped with fixed anchors, today’s activity will be adapted to the overall level of the group and will explore different adventure terrain routes such as climbing overfalls, collapsed plates and bouldering.

Day 7. Via Ferrata + Farewell paella party

Activity: 2h

Highlights: Peñas Juntas Via Ferrata, Tibetan bridges,


Starting from one of the Isuala River banksides, only 2 km away from Bierge, we’ll find “Peñas Juntas” Via Ferrata route. The first challenge will consist of crossing 3 Tibetan bridges (a structure composed of 3 ropes, one to walk by and the other two to hold hands) as long as 80ft (25m).

Keeping our balance and moving straight ahead, we will cross the river to conquer the base of one of the rocks. With the help of the fixed staples and showing some muscle, we will thoughtfully ascend, looking up to the sky until we finally summit our destination. Awe-inspiring views of the valley will be waiting for us, and hopefully, majestic birds such as vultures and kites will be flying over our heads.

Farewells are never easy, but it is always better off saying goodbye after enjoying an authentic paella cooked on-premises. The fest will be accompanied by the good vibes that our DJ will play out along the afternoon, a well-deserved treat after such a great effort!!

Day 8. Final day

After a relaxed breakfast, we start the journey to our next destination. Please let us know if you need help arranging the commute to any other city, either you are on your way back home or heading to your next adventure.

inaki de ayerbe carnicer - Spain Natural Travel

Iñaki De Ayerbe Carnicer

With more than 22 years of experience teaching at the National School of Mountaineering, we can definitely say that Iñaki is the right person to put your trust in when it comes to exploring Sierra de Guara canyons.

Fluent in English and French and profoundly fond of adventure sports, he has been working as an instructor of canyoning, sport climbing and skiing for most of the last 12 years while managing his Rural House in the town of Bierge. Still, most importantly, it is his passion for nature and his knowledge of the Pyrenean ecosystem that makes having him as a tour leader a fantastic addition to this Experience.

Guaranatura lodge results from the rehabilitation of an old house from 1776 located in the small village of Bierge, at the very doors of the Sierra de Guara Natural Park.

The house has six large double rooms, three of them with a double bed and three with two single beds. All the rooms are exterior, bright and comfortable, and they are fully equipped with all the necessary amenities to make the most out of your stay.

This rural tourism house counts with every detail: there are four shared bathrooms (one per floor), a shower area, a dining room, a terrace overlooking the garden, and a large living room equipped with sofas, a plasma TV and a small library, perfect for relaxing, playing board games and reading.

There is a large furnished garden outside the house, where you can enjoy the tranquillity of the majestic landscapes offered by this beautiful corner of the Sierra de Guara.

accomodation 1 - Spain Natural Travel
accomodation 2 - Spain Natural Travel
accomodation 3 - Spain Natural Travel
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Bierge is a picturesque village nestled in the province of Huesca, Spain. Surrounded by stunning natural beauty, it lies approximately 100 kilometers northeast of Zaragoza. To reach Bierge from Zaragoza, take the A-23 highway towards Huesca. After about 70 kilometers, merge onto the N-240 and continue for another 30 kilometers. Follow signs for Bierge, and you’ll soon find yourself in this charming Aragonese hamlet, known for its rugged landscapes, limestone cliffs, and access to the nearby Sierra y Cañones de Guara Natural Park, a haven for outdoor enthusiasts.

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