Experience Mindfulness

Yoga retreat in nature, reach out to your inner self

8 Days/7 Nights

8-12 people

Located within the incomparable beauty of Pineta Valley, this thoughtfully balanced retreat combines the benefits of practising diverse yoga routines with innovative applications of mindfulness exercises, all in connection with the majestic nature of Ordesa and Monte Perdido National Park.

Our multidisciplinary team formed by Carmen, Charlotte, Eva and Xisko guarantees that our visitors can expect a professional and group tailored approach on every one of the activities and disciplines of yoga practised, all for the purpose of helping you to find your inner peace, have a lasting quality rest and satisfying your appetite with the most nutritious and healthy vegetarian and vegan meals.

During the 7-day duration of this program, our specialised hosts will guide your practice through the following activities:

Focused on respiration and meditation in order to reach the inner balance, this is the most antique discipline of yoga.

Kundalini Yoga morning session

A Sanskrit term meaning “yogic sleep” is a deep relaxation technique and a form of meditation that expands the individual’s self-awareness.

Yoga Nidra evening session

During this introductory session, our yoga instructor, Carmen, will be sharing the fundaments and techniques that will be practised in the course of the retreat, helping you achieve awareness at the present moment, calmly acknowledging and accepting your feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations.

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Guided by the psychotherapist Charlotte Harris, the starting point of the ecotherapy journey will be an invitation to mindfully connect and meditate upon our own relationships with the natural world through a series of guided sensory and creative activities.

The second session and middle part of the journey will allow the freedom to get creative using natural objects to play and explore further, preparing the way or the final encounter: an opportunity to connect deeply and intuitively through an invitation to spend some time alone, a mini “solo” outdoors in the grounds of the guesthouse, amongst the woods, meadows and mountains.

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Time to get to know the beauty of the Pineta Valley Nature and its surroundings through a series of guided hikes starting from our premises and coming across some of the most awe-inspiring views of Ordesa National Park. Once wintery season snows transmute these mountains, snowshoes will help us to explore nature around us in all its magnificence.

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Pranayama is the practice of breath regulation. It’s a central component of yoga, an exercise for physical and mental wellness. In Sanskrit, “Prana” means life energy, and “Yama” means control. The practice of pranayama involves breathing exercises and patterns.

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Originally created in the 80’s Japan, this technique seeks to put our minds at ease while we focus our attention on our senses.  By using the unique conditions present among the nearby centenary woodlands, this guided session intends to treat therapeutically high levels of stress, negativity and simply bring us closer to nature through an extraordinary experience.

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As part of the process of achieving a mindful conscience, this guided meditative walk along nearby hike paths will help you enhance your senses and the understanding of yourself within nature.

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Let yourself be taken to a timeless place by the uplifting sounds of a Handpan live performance. The ethereal music and sensitivity will be the perfect final touch as the last part of this week of introspection and realisation.

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Carmen Cazcarra

Since 2012 Carmen have been managing these beautiful family-owned accommodations and, since then, she has been complimenting her role as host with personal and spiritual growth activities such as yoga, meditation, mindfulness … in nature.

Carmen is a certified Kundalini yoga instructor with over 10 years of experience, trained in Sat Nam Rasayan, meditative techniques and Reiki, first and second level. Totally confident with international visitors, her charming character and positive energy make her the perfect host for this experience.

Our base for the 8 days duration of this experience is Casas de Zapatierno. Surrounded by the magnificent views of Pineta valley, you soon come to understand why its host, Carmen decided to leave behind her life in the city years ago and start a new chapter offering her retreats.

The premises were built and renovated following local traditional architecture. Its living quarters are formed by two detached houses that contain four fully equipped apartments with two double rooms each and a shared bathroom. The housing counts with a diaphanous room perfect for arranging any kind of workshop and yoga lesson when the activity cannot be performed outdoors.

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Transfer from/to Zaragoza airport and Zaragoza Delicias Train Station with minibus and dedicated driver is included on the tour price.

Ryanair operates flights between Zaragoza and London among many other European cities on a regular basis

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