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If you can’t find your desired holiday among our propositions, we will put our contact network at your service to design a personalised travel experience that suits your requirements.

Just use our Custom Experience Form to let us know as many details as you can about your idea, and we’ll work with you to put together a completely bespoke program following your group’s criteria and abilities! We can take care of everything from the moment you set foot in our country.

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Depending on the activity and location, we might provide a picnic lunch as part of the standard package. For example, if there is an activity that will carry on later than midday, we’d give you a picnic lunch as part of the package. Other activities might consider being at lunchtime in a village, in which case you could eat at a local restaurant.
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NOTES ON TRIP DATES Many people like an extra day at the starting point, allowing them to get over jet lag, etc. Extra nights after completing the standard trip will enable you to explore the town or area more thoroughly. For planning purposes, these should be considered as the “Trip Start Date or End Date.”
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WHAT HAPPENS NEXT? We look forward to working with you to develop your Custom Experience! We guarantee we’ll be able to design a trip to meet your every expectation. Still, putting together a great custom itinerary can be a lot of work and requires a commitment from both parties involved. Therefore, we will ask for the payment of a deposit early in the process. First, after we receive this Custom Trip Request Form, we’ll contact you to confirm or clarify any details of your request to provide you with a personal custom trip itinerary, unique reference code, and a price estimate. Next, once you agree to our proposal, please book/reserve the trip by paying a deposit of 10% of the quoted price in order to secure the reservation. Then a passenger details form will be sent to you to gather all the essential details about everyone joining your custom trip. Finally, the outstanding balance due for the trip must be paid no later than 6 weeks before the starting date of your custom trip. Instructions & links for secure payment or bank transfer will be provided during the process.
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