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Top 10 adventure sports on International Mother Earth Day

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Every April 22, International Mother Earth Day has been celebrated since 1970. In the current context in which we find ourselves, it is essential to take a moment and reflect on how our actions are negatively impacting our home and our planet.

Putting our grain of sand here, we have compiled the top 10 adventure sports that you can find in the Pyrenees, a great and exciting way to explore our planet and enjoy the beauty of its nature.

Rafting - Spain Natural Travel


Rafting consists of the descent of whitewater rivers in an inflatable boat with outstanding resistance to shocks. Usually, the boats have a capacity of between 6 or 8 people, plus an accompanying guide who acts as a helmsman.

It is the star activity of active tourism and has had a spectacular boom in recent years, becoming the benchmark for adventure tourism. Currently, rafting is one of the activities most demanded by adventure sports enthusiasts.

kayaking - Spain Natural Travel


Also, for water lovers, in this case individually, in pairs or even three or four, it is another adventure sport that adapts to the needs of each one.

Canyoning - Spain Natural Travel

Rappelling and Canyoning

White waters canyoning is an adventure sport practised in mountain rivers. It is an exciting activity that consists of walking, swimming or climbing. If that is not enough and you want to release more adrenaline, there are waterfalls where it is necessary to rappel. In the descent of a ravine, we will find waterfalls and other challenges to overcome, such as jumps and slides, while we move on with the stream.

paddle surf - Spain Natural Travel

Paddle surf

Also known as Rowing Surf, Stand Up Paddle, or SUP, Paddle Surf originally comes from Hawaiian culture. It can be defined as a form of sliding on the water with a wide surfboard and using the paddle as a means of movement while standing.

It is the water sport that has gained more popularity in recent years, and it can be practised at sea, in lakes, reservoirs and rivers.

mtb routes - Spain Natural Travel

MTB routes

Mountain bike routes through the Pyrenees are ideal for the whole family. This activity will ensure that all the members enjoy the outing while you exercise. The paths and landscapes you will pass through will make you fall in love.

Escalada - Spain Natural Travel


This activity is for those who are not afraid of heights. As you know, climbing consists of ascending a vertical wall, but different levels exist. In addition, it can be practised both in a natural environment and in a prepared climbing wall where levels differentiate them.

Senderismo - Spain Natural Travel


Walking in the mountains is one of the healthiest and most beautiful activities. It is a way to discover beautiful forests and landscapes, especially if you are in a place as wonderful as the Pyrenees. It is a way to enjoy nature and breathe its fresh air quietly. Of course, there are hiking trails in the Pyrenees suitable for all levels and an activity that all family members can join.

horseback riding - Spain Natural Travel

Horseback riding

Horseback riding is a beautiful activity that connects you directly with your ride, ideal for animal lovers. You can discover the mountain from another perspective on horseback and feel its movement as you walk. Especially for the little ones, it is an exciting experience that they will undoubtedly want to repeat.

snowshoes - Spain Natural Travel


The most respectful practice of winter adventure sports for snow lovers, without paying for a ski pass or having specialized equipment (apart from snowshoes). This still-not-too-popular activity is an absolute wonder and also suitable for all audiences. It allows you to make excursions to the mountains in winter and discover snowy landscapes. The combination of the white of the snow, the green of the trees and the blue of the sky create postcard views, enjoying nature peacefully.

Ferrata - Spain Natural Travel

Via Ferrata

Officially, a Via Ferrata is a mountain itinerary equipped with steps, rails, ramps and cables firmly and safely secured to the rock’s surface to help progress vertically and ensure the safety of those who venture to climb it. Unofficially, it’s a fast-paced way to test yourself and get a sizable adrenaline rush.

Check out our Adventure Experiences, where you will find these and many other adventure sports practices and make your holidays your particular international mother earth days.

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