Experience Heritage

E-bike through pre-pyrenean history and culture

7 days

6-12 people

Let the sound of chipping birds wake you up from the comfort of one of the renovated chambers of an authentic XVI century medieval fortified house built in the heart of the Pyrenean countryside, and be ready to e-bike some of the most unknown and surprising history landmarks of this territory. From 11th century Romanesque architecture to entirely abandoned rural towns, this program will make you feel like time-travelling a region where the present culture and rich gastronomy have been developing their strong deep roots for centuries.

Day 1. Arrival at Casa Mur, Alujan

Rest and group meeting before in-house dinner.

casa mur alujan - Spain Natural Travel

Day 2. 1st ride: The Romanesque way.

Activity: 6h | Distance: 220m (35.4km) | Ascent: 4340ft (1323m) | Difficulty: Low.

Percentage Track: 10% Percentage Road: 90%

Highlights: Romanesque and Gothic Architecture, Troncedo Castle, Formigales and Tierrantona Churches, Bruis Sanctuary.

Overview: Our first ride will take us back to the early 11th century, when the King of Pamplona, Sancho III the Elder, annexed these lands to his domains, extending the defensive line to the east and setting the foundations of what will become the Kingdom of Aragón. Built as a defensive belt to protect the Cinca and Ésera valleys from enemy attacks, La Fueva’s Romanesque strongholds that we are visiting today became critical assets for its strategic locations nearly 1.000 years ago.


Day 3. 2nd ride: Old times’ distant echoes.

Activity: 6h | Distance: 164m (26.4km) | Ascent: 4314ft (1315m) | Difficulty: Intermediate.

Percentage Track: 60% Percentage Road: 40%

Highlights: Muro de Roda Castle, Abandoned Village Remains of Lecina, Ministerio and Arasanz, Stargazing session.


Triggered by the relentless process of industrialisation in the early ’70s, many of the hamlets routed today were progressively abandoned till what remains nowadays. The most absolute silence is the only thing that walks now among the walls of its beautiful houses.

Whole villages like Arasanz were condemned to disappear after their agricultural lands were expropriated to build the impressive Mediano reservoir. At present, they have become part of the wild nature that reigns these mountains. Once back to the comfort of our lodging and if weather provides, we will still get the chance to look at the nocturnal sky and observe the immensity of the universe during a stargazing session guided by a member of the Astronomic Association of Huesca.

Day 4. Interlude: Experience Pyrenean Tradition.

Highlights: Farm tour, Cooking Live Show, Traditional Lunch, Contemporary Celtic Music Recital.


Today we will give a break to the pedal and enjoy a free day in Aluján to discover our guest house and its surroundings. Our host will take you on a whole tour through the history of the castle and give you the chance to explore his nearby farm with him if you are curious about how it looks like to live the rural way.

But don’t go too far away as today we will be having a catered traditional lunch cooked on premises so you can experience the whole process of preparing two flagships of our local cuisine, such us shepherd breadcrumbs and fire-grilled light lamb. 

Day 5. 3rd ride: Wheels, Beers and Mill

Activity: 6h | Distance: 202m (32.5km) | Ascent: 3018ft (920m) | Difficulty: Low

Percentage Track: 20% Percentage Road: 80%

Highlights: La Rondadora beer factory tour, San Juan de Toledo Romanesque Church, La Cabezonada Restored Mill.


Today’s journey title entirely speaks for itself. Grab your e-bike and head to a guided visit at “Rondadora” brewery in La Cabezonada, where a group of young beer lover entrepreneurs have managed to develop internationally recognised innovative flavours and at the same time serve as an example of a sustainable and responsible local business.

After having a good taste and enjoy our picnic beneath the views of the hills around us, we will still have the chance to stop by two more examples of Pyrenean cultural heritage before riding our way back to our base, San Juan de Toledo Church and La Cabezonada restored mill.

Day 6. 4th ride: The Medieval Tour

Activity: 5h | Distance: 16.3m (26.3km) | Ascent: 3146ft (959m) | Difficulty: Intermediate

Percentage Track: 80% Percentage Road: 20%

Highlights: Ainsa’s Historic-Artistic Heritage, Traditional Craftworks and Arts Museum Guided Tour, Dine in at Anisa’s historical centre.


After a rewarding route heading north with the views of Mediano reservoir, today’s finish line awaits where it has been considered one of the most beautiful villages in Spain. The historic medieval town of Ainsa holds some of the most representative symbols of the Pyrenean Romanesque heritage. After a guided route along its ancient streets, the Museum of Traditional Arts and Crafts will provide an insight into what local life was like not so long ago, keeping alive the memory of traditional trades such as pottery, tinsmithing or basket-making. Still, we won’t be saying goodbye until palating some of the local gastronomy provided by any of the superb restaurants in the medieval old town. ¡Buen provecho!

Day 7. 5th ride: Among Wine Yards

Tranfer: 1h | Activity: 2h30′ | Distance: 8m (12.9km) | Ascent: Nil | Dificulty: Low

Percentage Track: 100%

Highlights: Vineyard e-bike route, El Grillo y La Luna Winery tour, Wine tasting, Vineyard lunch.


During our last day, we aim to get you fully immersed in our wine culture. Starting with one last morning e-ride among vineyards in the heart of Somontano’s region after a short transfer to Barbastro, you will have the chance to discover a totally different landscape, displaying erratic hills, remote hamlets, and lonely hilltop monasteries.

Right before noon, El Grillo y la Luna, a European awarded family-owned wine cellar, will indulge you with a guided visit to its premises followed by a premium wine tasting of some of their best vinos. Leave your bento box at home as today’s superb lunch, elaborated by a local restaurant to pair at perfection with El Grillo and la Luna wines, will be served by the vineyards before heading back to Aluján.

Day 8. Final day

After a relaxed breakfast, we start the journey to our next destination. Please let us know if you need help arranging the commute to any other city, either you are on your way back home or heading to your next adventure.


Sergio Bermejo

With more than 25 years of background involved with BTT, Sergio and his partner decided years ago to move from Madrid to Ainsa to start a new life closer to nature. Sergio is a certified guide and an authentic enthusiast of mountain bikes and any kind of adventure sports. During his career, he has specialised himself as a mountain bike and canoeing sports technician and, most importantly, he has been approved as a Geological Heritage Guide of the Sobrabe Geopark.

First aid trained, he is a very thoughtful professional who values the group’s safety. He enjoys sharing his knowledge in mechanics, so don’t be surprised if he tests your skills during the rides! In a nutshell, Sergio is the perfect example of an outdoors sports person that also, during his spare time, loves to explore with his e-bike to discover new routes around the Sobrarbe region and the Pyrenees.

Placed in the village of Alujan in Huesca, the base for the 7 days duration of this Experience is Casa Mur, a fortified house initially built in the late 15th century, newly renovated and subsequently expanded till its current state.

Casa Mur is an architectural complex with defensive towers, cellars, medieval paintings, wine presses and even its own chapel. Despite being fully refurbished and thoroughly adapted to modern life with all the amenities and comforts, the apartments manage to preserve the traces of how life was like 500 years ago in a fortified and self-sufficient house. 

Having Aragon’s Cultural Heritage title, the construction has been transformed into an outstanding rural hospice. Two fully equipped apartments with 3 and 2 dormitories each, plus 2 double ensuite rooms placed in the main tower, have been named after the products they used to produce and store, Bread, Wine, Honey and the Dovecote.

It is definitely a magical and charming enclosure in the middle of the peaceful quietness of the Pre-Pyrenean countryside.

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accommodation 2 - Spain Natural Travel
accommodation 3 - Spain Natural Travel

Transfer from/to Zaragoza airport and Zaragoza Delicias Train Station with minibus and dedicated driver under request.

Ryanair operates flights between Zaragoza and London among many other European cities on a regular basis.

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