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If we had to choose one word to summarise our region, it would be “diversity“. The fact that Aragon occupies the central part of the Ebro Valley, ranging from the French border to the Iberian system, means plenty of environments can be enjoyed within just a 100 km range.

The landscape changes drastically in short lengths, ranging from 3,000 meters high peaks in the Pyrenees to the arid to semi-desert lowlands of the Ebro river basin or more Mediterranean-like ecosystems as we move towards the Iberian chain down south.

The Birding Aragon itineraries consist of a series of organised trips designed by and for birdwatching enthusiasts. All the accommodations and guides involved during the trip belong to Birding Aragon Association and share the passion and respect for nature that all experienced birdwatchers require during an observation trip.

Explore in detail the bird life of our most characteristic habitats. The availability of professionally managed photographic hides, in combination with the possibility of fully customise your experience, makes this a unique opportunity to discover some hidden gems of our territory

Gallocanta Laguna 6 - Spain Natural Travel

Slow birding refers to a relaxed and leisurely approach to birdwatching, where the emphasis is on taking time to observe and appreciate the avian species in their natural habitats.

It promotes a mindful and contemplative approach to birdwatching, encouraging individuals to spend more time in a particular area, focusing on the quality of observations rather than the number of species spotted. It involves patiently observing birds’ movements, behaviours, and interactions, as well as listening to their calls and studying their habitats.

Matarrana Visita Bodega 3 - Spain Natural Travel

Three are the selected locations, each of them with a particular and unique birdlife representative of the most characteristic habitats of our region.

Paisaje Bonansa activa e1689004960606 - Spain Natural Travel

From the summits of 3,000 meters of altitude to the mountain ranges that connect with the plain, we can find birds of great interest. In the next three days, we explore one of the most representative protected areas of the Pyrenees, the Natural Park of Posets-Maladeta.   

Posets-Maladeta Natural Park is home to diverse birdlife. Notable species include the Bearded Vulture, Golden Eagle, Griffon Vulture, Alpine Accentor, Citril Finch, Wallcreeper, and Rock Ptarmigan. These birds thrive in the park’s varied habitats, such as alpine meadows and rocky slopes. Birdwatchers can enjoy observing these majestic species in the picturesque mountain environment.

Habitats: Mixed and Coniferous forests, Mountain pastures, limestone cliffs and peaks.

Quebrantahuesos 3 - Spain Natural Travel Culebrera europea - Spain Natural Travel Aguila real - Spain Natural Travel

Special Interest Bird Species: Rock Ptarmigan, Western Capercaillie, Grey Partridge, Bearded Vulture, Egyptian Vulture, Short-Toed Snake Eagle, Golden Eagle, Booted Eagle, Eurasian Woodcock, Alpine Swift, Alpine Accentor, Common Rock Thrush, Ring Ouzel, Wallcreeper, Eurasian Treecreeper, Red-Backed Shrike, Alpine Chough, White-Winged Snowfinch, Citril Finch.


Bonansa Activa

Choose between a selection of superb accommodations in a picturesque location in the Pyrenees, specifically in the Ribagorza region. Its beautiful views of the valley create a tranquil atmosphere, perfect for relaxation and appreciating the surrounding natural beauty.

Among its options, we can find excellent amenities, including restaurants and a spa, allowing guests to indulge in the local cuisine and enjoy their stay fully. The owners actively manage the establishment and ensure their guests have an outstanding experience.

spa terra bonansa - Spain Natural Travel la era de navarri - Spain Natural Travel casa luis - Spain Natural Travel

grullas - Spain Natural Travel

Gallocanta Lagoon in Zaragoza, Spain, hosts the impressive crane migration. Thousands of Common Cranes gather at the lagoon during their journey between breeding and wintering grounds. The spectacle begins in late October, with cranes descending upon the lagoon in large flocks. They rest, feed, and socialise, replenishing their energy reserves. The lagoon’s shallow waters provide an ideal habitat, attracting various bird species.

Visitors can witness this remarkable phenomenon from designated viewpoints and enjoy guided tours. The migration not only offers a breathtaking sight but also contributes to conservation efforts. Gallocanta Lagoon is protected as a nature reserve.

Habitats: Cereal plains, steppes with natural vegetation, gallery forests, Mediterranean shrubland, lagoons and reservoirs, limestone cliffs.

tarro blanco JManas - Spain Natural Travel avutarda 768x576 1 - Spain Natural Travel alondra ricoti o rocin aves emblematicas 768x576 1 - Spain Natural Travel

Special Interest Species: Black Stork, Black-Winged Kite, Egyptian Vulture, Short-Toed Snake Eagle, Northern Harrier, Montagu’s Harrier, Golden Eagle, Lesser Kestrel, Peregrine Falcon, Little Bustard, Great Bustard, Eurasian Stone-Curlew, Black-Bellied Sandgrouse, Dupont’s Lark.

Allucant Guesthouse

Just a stone’s throw away from the shores of the Gallocanta lagoon, Allucant is a welcoming rural guesthouse perfect for those birdwatchers planning to explore Gallocanta’s whereabouts. Among the different types of rooms available, their six double rooms with bathrooms are placed apart from the shared rooms part of the facility, guaranteeing a superb quality of rest during busy periods.

This charming accommodation offers its guests the best of the region’s home cooking, a small bar, a library hall specialised in nature with free WiFi and a spacious garden with private parking space.

Allucant 1 - Spain Natural Travel Allucant habiatcion - Spain Natural Travel 30 biblio.JPG N 1 - Spain Natural Travel

paisaje gudar javalambre - Spain Natural Travel

The area is a complex of mountain chains from mid-mountains to Mediterranean zones with a very low human population density. Summits and high moors at an altitude of over 1000 metres, endorheic lakes, coniferous and oak forests and many river cliffs.

Birdwatching enthusiasts can spot various raptors, such as the Golden eagle, Bonelli’s eagle, and Egyptian Vulture soaring through the skies. Other notable bird species found in the region include the Citril Finch, Black-eared Wheatear, Common Rock Thrush, and various species of owls. The rich and varied landscapes of Gudar-Javalambre provide an ideal habitat for these birds, making it a haven for bird lovers and nature enthusiasts.

Habitats: Very varied, from high mountain pastures, some of the best-preserved juniper trees in Europe, extensive coniferous forests, molars and rocky walls, riparian forests and cereal plains.

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Special Interest Species: Golden Eagle, Griffon Vulture, Peregrine Falcon, Red-Billed Chough, Goshawk, Serrano Greenfinch, Crossbill, Simple And Striped Wrens, Blue Climber, Capuchin, Water Blackbird, Kingfisher, Tawny Owl, Woodpecker, Thrush, Grey Shrike And Sote Bunting

Masia La Roya

La Roya is a secluded accommodation on a vast 50-hectare property, offering peace and tranquillity away from noise. It features a fully equipped kitchen, WiFi, and TV for guests’ convenience. The farmhouse provides spacious double bedrooms and a bright living room with stunning mountain views.

As part of the Starlight Reserve, La Roya offers pristine skies, allowing guests to observe the night sky like nowhere else. Surrounded by nature, visitors can relax and admire the wildlife from their rooms. It’s a perfect retreat for those seeking serenity amidst breathtaking natural beauty.

Javalambre Masia 6 - Spain Natural Travel astrofotografia - Spain Natural Travel Masia la Roya 300x193 1 - Spain Natural Travel

Complete your experience with other activities in nature run by local experts ad get the most out of your trip.

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